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With Gas and Electric prices at an all time high, and with the prices to continue to rise towards the end of the year, installing a smart thermostat might be an easy way to help get those bills down.

So what is a smart thermostat ?

A smart thermostats main purpose is to help you control and monitor your energy use, via either an app or the in-house thermostat, Not only do they provide an easy opportunity for you to make some cost-cutting habit changes, but they also give an in-depth, behind the scenes look into your actual energy usage like never before.

How much should i expect to save ?

How much you save is down to the way you use the smart thermostat and your heating habits, But we can have a look at the information available from the market leaders in smart thermostats to give us a rough idea.

Hive says that installing the Hive Active Heating Thermostat could save you ‘up to £110’ a year.

Google says that Google Nest users in the UK have saved between ‘8.4% and 16.5%’ a year.

Tado says you can save ‘up to 31%’ a year using its smart heating.

Installation costs

The costs of installation will vary depending on the type of heating system you have in your property, and how many zones you want to control. With the savings you could possibly make from installing a smart thermostat, the savings definitely outweigh the cost of buying and installing, and it will pay for itself after a period of time.

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