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Rewiring a house in Glasgow

Are you noticing frequently flickering lights and tripped circuits? Perhaps your electrical accessories, such as switches and sockets, are outdated? If so, it might be time for you to consider electrical rewiring. At Inspire Electrics, we specialise in locating and updating aspects of your wiring that could potentially compromise the safety of your electrical installation. Talk to our experienced professionals and enhance the safety of your home by calling us on 07377 519 529.

Does my house need rewiring?

Rewiring is a project that many homeowners will need to consider every once in a while. There are a selection of reasons why, including if the wiring in your property is more than 25 years old. This could mean that your cabling and accessories have degraded over time and are becoming unsafe to use. Another reason could be that either yourself or the homeowner before you made alterations to the positioning of sockets and switches. Without professional skill and insight, these alterations could be unsafe and, over time, could jeopardise your safety.

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The electrical house rewire process

Whilst rewiring can be a complex job, we have put a process in place that keeps things simple for all our customers.


Step 1 – Preparation

We take care in placing dust sheets over floors and furniture, but we would recommend removing items of value where possible for extra safety.


Step 2 – Mapping

We will use the plans that have been approved to mark out electrical points and plan the best route for cabling.


Step 3 – Create access

This section of the process can be considered the messiest. Carpets and floorboards will be lifted where required, as well as walls being chased out to make room for cables and backboxes.


Step 4 – Securing

We will secure all of the cabling in place, as well as the backboxes and accompanying accessories. We will have a plasterer arrive at your premises to make good of the previously made cuts and chases.


Step 5 – Accessory installation

Once the plaster has set, accessories will be installed throughout your home. This includes the new fusebox.


Step 6 – Testing

We take this time to do any final tests to ensure that installation has been completed successfully and can begin to be energised. At this stage, you will receive a certificate stating the information we receive during this phase of testing.


Step 7 – Clean-up

We make sure that we leave your property as clean as we found it, removing all our dust sheets and tools from your premises before we leave.

Why choose us for electrical rewiring in your house?

Find out why our customers rely on us for professional home rewiring…

We remain professional

We’re determined to incorporate professionalism into every aspect of our service. Our skill and expertise will be used to provide a solution that delivers safety and performance. We avoid jargon to ensure that every customer understands the process we take to rewire to the correct safety standards.

We are customer driven

By dedicating ourselves to outstanding levels of customer satisfaction, we commit to generating the exceptional results they deserve. We are proud to be recognised for the quality of our work and the experience we give our customers.

We are reliable

Rest assured that we put you first during your rewiring project. We take every step to ensure caution whilst delivering a solution that meets the requirements of your home and exceeds the expectations that you hold. You can expect quality and peace of mind.

We provide competitive pricing

Whilst we maintain a quality service with top-of-the-range materials with a pristine finish, we keep our prices at a competitive level. We also pride ourselves on the ability to deliver bespoke quotations within a 24-hour window. You’ll never be kept waiting.

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