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Elevate your property’s illumination by installing LED lighting. Here at Inspire Electrics, we have a green-minded passion for increasing the energy efficiency of domestic and commercial properties alike; LED lighting makes this possible. Using up to 90% less energy than traditional incandescent lighting methods, LED lighting is a valuable and long-lasting investment. Why not increase the style of your interior whilst decreasing the costs of your energy bills? Call us on 07377 519 529 to find out more.



What can you achieve with LED lighting?

Installing LED lighting can elevate the way your property is lit. Whether you are looking to enhance the lighting of your home or business premises, LED lighting offers a variety of choices that you can consider. For example, LED strips are highly versatile and can be used to produce creative and eye-catching wall designs if desired. From simply replacing traditional lighting methods with LEDs to introducing a creative element to the front of your property with lit soffits and downlights, the possibilities are quite literally endless.

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The benefits of an LED lighting install

LED lighting installation offer numerous benefits in comparison to incandescent and fluorescent lighting methods. How many of these would benefit you?

Higher energy efficiency

With less electricity needed, LEDs allow your home to increase its energy efficiency. This means your monthly energy bills will decrease as a result.

A longer lifespan

The lifespan of LEDs is significantly larger than traditional methods of lighting. The frequency of replacements is much less, and they are able to run for thousands of hours. This can equate to 10 years of use!

Increased durability

LEDs have fewer fragile elements, making them a lot more durable. They are far more resilient to the possibility of shock damage caused by vibrations and temperature changes.

A colour wheel of options

The colours you can achieve with your LED lighting are limitless. Choose your colour and make a decision about its impact. From cool to vibrant, you can create endless combinations.

Design flexibility

Due to their size and structure, LED strips are extremely versatile. You can think out of the box and shape them into any design you wish.

Kinder to our environment

With no mercury or other harmful materials present in the LEDs, there is lower risk of the lights harming the environment at the end of their lifespan.

Kinder to your interior

With low UV radiation, you won’t have to worry about UV-sensitive materials, such as wallpapers and artwork, being jeopardised.

Multiple control options

LED lighting can be integrated into smart home systems, widening the control options available. From standard switches to remote and app control, you can make it as simple as you need.

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We remain professional

When installing LED lighting, we make sure that we remain professional throughout. We focus on delivering electrical solutions that prioritise safety and performance in equal parts. Additionally, we always communicate using clear, jargon-free language to ensure that all our customers understand the service they are receiving.

We are customer driven

We are a team who are known for excellent customer service. You can rest assured that we will prioritise your needs and requests, keeping them at the forefront during your LED lighting installation. This ensures that we only ever meet and exceed expectations.

We are reliable

You can depend on our commitment to providing a service of the highest quality. We refrain from using any pushy sales tactics and instead provide only the service you have requested, considering your needs and requirements to offer the right bespoke solution.

We provide competitive pricing

Our prices remain competitive, but the standard of our services never wavers. We also provide free quotations for our LED lighting service. You can expect to receive yours within 24 hours when you fill out our form, so you won’t need to wait long for a response.

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With endless options, you may be looking for a little guidance. As your local LED lighting installers, we can provide assistance for any and every need. Send us an email at info@inspireelectrics.com or call us on 07377 519 529 for a quick response.